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Sara Lodge Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition Services
in Waterloo Region

Holistic Nutrition Your Stomach Craves

Looking for a judgement-free zone to tackle eating habits, ask questions about poop and to get real about gut health? Looking for a nutritionist that creates a plan specifically for you? 

Welcome to Sara Lodge Nutrition!

- women's digestive health

- unhealthy diet culture

- the truth behind brain-gut connections

- meal plans you'll actually use

- allergy testing to know your body

- food lifestyle you'll want to stick with

Together, we can tackle:

Meet Sara Lodge!

The woman behind Sara Lodge Nutrition. Read her story and discover why she wants to talk to you so much about your food habits. 

The journey towards health begins on the path of self love

 The journey towards health begins on the path of   self love. Begin your journey today. 

Sara Lodge Nutrition Focuses On...

Women's Digestive Health

- natural hormone balancing

- chronic digestive disorder treatment

- safe space for discussing mental health connected to food and diet

Learn more about the unique world of women's digestion.

Brain-Gut Connections

- discover the Brain-Gut Axis

- heal your gut with food

- understand the world of your microbiome

- see improvement in your daily life with gut-knowledge

Meal Plans

- prepared for any budget and any lifestyle

- delicious meals you'll actually want to eat

- great for busy parents and child-free homes alike

Want to get started?

I've got your guide!

Lifestyle Changes

- judgement-free reflection on eating habits

- actionable changes to food and eating habits

- health-focused changes that reject diet culture

Past Clients & Testimonials


Ever since I first met Sara her abilities in the kitchen have impressed me! Everything always tastes so good, and then to find out that it’s all HEALTHY really blew my mind! Her passion to help/teach others combined with her ability to create a wide variety of healthy meals for varying diets is truly inspiring. 

- K. Newton

Testimonial #2

Sara is very knowledgeable and passionate about food and life in general! I am so grateful for Sara, it’s so magical watching her in the flow of cooking and talking about food and nutrition. Sara’s passion is more than just nutrition, it’s helping people in a holistic way, always with a smile (=

- N. McCormick

Testimonial #3

When it comes to health and nutrition, Sara is always my go-to resource for advice. She is extremely kind, supportive, and knowledgeable and her passion for helping others is prominent. I cannot say enough good things about her as a person, as well as a professional!

D. Grein

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