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2022 Community Votes Award

The winner of the Community Votes Award 2022 for The Best Nutritionist in Kitchener-Waterloo. Votes from the community mean more to me than anything. This award tells me that my customers -- the people I care about most -- love the work we do together. And that, as a nutritionist, is the best award out there.

Parkinson's Disease & Gut Health

This webinar will discuss Parkinson’s disease, brain health, and gut health. It will explore the gut microbiome, gut-brain axis, foods to eat and foods to avoid.


This is a webinar for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and their family members to learn about the latest scientific data and research on the brain-gut connection and how to put strategies into practice for their own health.


Honour someone with Parkinson’s disease by learning more about their brain and body and how to improve it.


1 - Day Healing Retreat

When you learn to explore deeply into yourself, you take back your power and begin to believe in your greatness. All of the experiences will give you something different - with each new discovery, you will realize that you are more powerful than you ever realized.


Make sense of all the things that have happened in your life and uncover your true capacity for greatness.


The Spring Equinox Retreat is a one-day healing retreat. Yoga, journaling, Forest bathing, nutrition and embracing energy are some of the activities that will be available at this event.

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