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Consultation Follow Up

30 mins.

Cost: CA $97.00

This is for you if...

1.  We've met and set goals during an initial consultation

2. It's been about 4 - 6 weeks since our last meeting

3. You're ready and excited to see how far you've come and set new goals

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

What is a Consultation Follow-Up?

These follow-up meetings are to monitor your progress, celebrate your wins, and made adjustments to your plan. 

In this meeting, we will:

- Look at (and celebrate!) your wins

- compare where you're at now to where you were and what your goals are

- make further changes to your nutrition habits

- adjust meal plans as needed

Why Does The Follow-Up Matter?

Nutrition and eating changes are life-long journeys. These follow-up meetings are vital to keeping yourself accountable and checking in on how you are doing and feeling. As you progress in this journey, your needs and goals will change. We need to make sure that you're celebrating your wins along the way and adapting your goals to fit the new you!

What We Will Do Together?

- be honest about your progress

- adjust goals, plans, and expectations according to your progress

- celebrate your wins

- talk about the next steps


Here's What You'll Get: 

In this follow up, you will get:

- an updated plan and nutrition guidelines (when needed)

- updated goals and new milestones to look forward to (when needed)

- a celebration of your wins!

What Comes Next?

After your initial follow-up, we will continue to check in every 6 weeks or so. As you progress on your journey and begin to feel comfortable with your nutrition, we will talk about when it's time for you to work on your own.

Follow-ups can be booked later on and throughout your journey when you need that extra support! You're never alone. 


Book Your Follow up Online Today!

30-minute follow-up to monitor your nutrition journey.


**Please Note: A $25 Cancellation Fee will be applied with less than 24 Hours' Notice**

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