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Initial Consultation and Follow Up 

90 mins total

Cost: CA $337.00

This is for you if...

1. You're ready and committed to your nutrition journey

2. You're confident in your goals and ready to commit to both your immediate consultation and follow up


What Is This Package?

This package joins the initial consultation and follow-up into one! Get everything you'd receive from those packages in this -- in one single booking. 

Why Does The Follow-Up Matter?

Nutrition and eating changes are life-long journeys. These follow-up meetings are vital to keeping yourself accountable and checking in on how you are doing and feeling. As you progress in this journey, your needs and goals will change. We need to make sure that you're celebrating your wins along the way and adapting your goals to fit the new you!

What is Included?

- deep dive questionnaire about your food habits

- meal planning assessment of your needs and goals

- 60-minute kick-off call

- 7 days of fully customized meal plans

- supplement discounts 

- 4-week follow-up call to monitor your progress and adjust goals and plans

Book Your Two - In - One Consultation and Follow-Up Package

COST: CA $337.00

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