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Holistic Nutrition 101

You're a person with unique needs, experiences, habits and variables in your life. Welcome to nutrition that recognizes all the things that make you you. 

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is an approach to nutrition guidance that looks at a person as a whole. Every person is unique and has unique needs. Holistic nutrition takes this into account.


These "whole" parts can include your personal situation, emotional well-being, physical ailments and lifestyle aspects that could be impacting your overall health and nutrition. These can effect our ability to make healthy choices, understand what our bodies need and feed them accordingly. 

We're told from childhood that everyone is unique.

Holistic nutrition is about respecting this, too. 

Sara Lodge in a bright white kitchen. Ifron of her is a beets with avocados, fresh kale and rainbow carrots. Sara's smile is kind.

The key to holistic nutrition is to uncover the root cause of an imbalance within you to help direct the body to heal itself. An experienced practitioner can give you plenty of options and guidance to help you reach a healthy balance that is sustainable. Overwhelming people with science and jargon does not make food approachable. I believe that nutrition should be fun, empowering and exciting to learn about. 

Education is at the centre of holistic nutrition. 

It is through education that you can identify and prevent poor health habits before they happen. Being empowered is key to establishing lasting pro-health food practices. 

Long story short, holistic nutrition is about a human-first and education-empowered approach to nutrition. 


 Holistic Nutritionists catch health, 

 as opposed to chase disease. 

Holistic Nutritionist
"Nutrition Coach"

Holistic nutritionists DO:


- approach each client as an individual

- ask personal questions to get to know you

- give personalized recommendations to help you in your unique situation

- make nutrition approachable and comfortable

This person-first approach is what holistic nutrition is all about. Holistic nutrition is perfect for people who want to understand food and how fuelling our bodies fuel our lives. If you are hoping to address bigger health issues through your food choices, then holistic nutrition is for you.

​Holistic nutritionists DON'T:


- use one-size-fits-all approaches

- generalizing nutrition approaches 

- say blanket statements about nutrition habits

- brush past mental, emotional, and physical influences on health

Regular nutritionists will focus on meal plans and generalized nutrition recommendations. If you aren't looking for a personalized approach or simply aren't interested in learning about the wider impact of food nutrition, then a normal nutritionist could work for you. 

How Did I Get Started in Holistic Nutrition?


After being diagnosed with IBS at 19, I started looking at nutrition in a whole new way. I became enthralled with nutrition and loved learning about how foods fed and fuelled our bodies. I also realized the effects that stress and anxiety had on my digestion.  I have made it my goal in life to help others feed with their bodies & minds in a way that makes them feel connected, confident, and healthy.

As a holistic nutritionist, I believe that:

- balancing the body can result in serious healing

- being comfortable with food makes a big difference

- education is power

- food shame has no place in the world

- elimination diets are not needed

- lifestyle, environment & emotional stability all play a role in better digestion

-eating well fuels our brains and reduces cognitive decline

Sara Lodge holding half and avocado in one eye and the other half in the other hand. She is makign a silly smile. Hair in a high bun and wearing a jean jacket.
Fresh brown rice pita stuffed with avocados, mushrooms, lettuce and bean sprouts.

Who Can Benefit From a Holistic Nutrition Approach?

Everyone and anyone can benefit from holistic nutrition! The only requirement? You want to improve your nutrition habits and work on yourself!

That being said, holistic nutrition is especially great for those who:

- struggle with acute or chronic digestive disorders such as:

      - IBS

      - IBD

      - Leaky Gut

      - GERD

      - Crohn's Disease

      - Colitis

      - Gastritis 

      - Anxiety, depression or high stress

- feel lost when it comes to meal planning

- want to make healthier choices but need help

- find that their mental health impacts their ability to eat healthy food

- wanting to learn more about gut health

- suffering from an unhealthy relationship with food

Here's What the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners Has To Say

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