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Free Meal Plans
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Everyone loves a freebie. 

Free Meal Plan

3 Day Bye-Bye Bloat Meal Plan

Need to kick that bloat to the curb? This free meal plan is made for you!


In this plan you'll find:

- 3 days worth of meal plans

- recipes to help reduce bloating

- grocery list to make shopping easy

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An Online Nutrition-Focused Community

The Digestive Healing Lounge

Join a private community full of people just like you!

Everyone here is learning how to heal their digestive systems through food and alternative medicine. 


Ask questions.

Make new friends.


Free Habit Tracker

90 Day Habit Tracker

Need help staying motivated?

Thrive under accountability? 

Monitor your progress and celebrate your successes with this free 90 day habit tracker. 

Curious About Holistic Nutrition?

Book a FREE 30 Minute Health Check

Learn how holistic nutrition can help you. 

Book a free 30-minute no-strings-attached meeting with Sara to ask all your questions about holistic nutrition.

Free Meal Plan

Ready for your belly to feel beautiful again?

This meal plan was specifically created to help you heal your gut -- and you're relationship with your belly. 

BONUS: The entire family will LOVE it!


5 Day Free Gut Healing Meal Plan

Free 30 Day Food & Mood Journal


Free Food & Mood Journal

If you are working with a nutritionist (even if you are not), they will likely ask you to keep a food journal.


Here's why it can help:

Tracking what you eat and drink each day can:


Reinforce new healthy habits and keep you on track for successful long-term change.

You can find a printable food journal below.

Partnerships and Promotions


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Greenhouse Juice


Immunity and Vitamin Boosters, energy shots, sleep aids and juices to keep you going.

The Brothery

10% off a case with code: SARALODGENUTRITION

Long-simmering bone broth to support a boosted immune system, healthy joints and more.

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