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12 Week Digestive Reboot

Includes 1 hr initial consultation

11-30 min follow-up sessions

COST: $1,597.00

This is for you if...

1. You have been diagnosed or currently suffer from digestive issues

2. You struggle with weight gain and weight loss

3. Your anxiety, stress and/or depression impacts your confidence in living a nutritious lifestyle you feel good about. 


What is the 12-Week Digestive Reboot?

This package was crafted to be a customized all-in-one solution for 3 months of healthy gut and nutrition changes. 

This Reboot is for You If...

In This Program, We Will...

- you hate going to events because of bloating and feeling sick when eating

- food and nutrition feels like a losing battle

- you exercise, meditate, get sleep, drink water and still find that you don't feel better

- you want to take control of your life

- you have no clue where to start. 

- learn what gut nutrition is and identify habits in your life that could be impacting yours

- set goals that are actionable AND achievable

- ditch restrictive diets and work towards a life-long balance

- connect nutrition choices to health problems and underlying issues

What's Included in The Digestive Reboot?

This package includes:

1. The ImuPro Basic Food Sensitivity Kit (90 Foods)

We will identify any food sensitivities you have right off the bat! 

2. 60 min Kick-Off Call

In this call, we will go over your sensitivity results and talk about your goals, food challenges, hopes, habits and more.


We will talk about:

- mindset and goal setting

- functional foods

- supplement recommendations

- a workbook to record your journey 

3. Meal Plans and Recipes

Based on your food sensitivity testing results and our chat about health goals, I will put together a personalized nutrition plan complete with meal plans and recipes to help you on your journey. 

4. Weekly 30 - 45 min Accountability Calls

It's easy to feel alone on your journey. Every week, we will have a 30 - 45 minute call to check in on your progress, adjust goals, and monitor your needs. These calls are vital to measure success and to make sure your healing journey is as rewarding as possible. 

And More!!

You'll also receive:

- access to tools and resources through your Private Online Client Portal

- life-long discount of supplement purchases through Sara Lodge Nutrition

- immediate access to a private community of people beginning their health journey

Holistic Nutritionist Sara Lodge

Sign Up for the 12-Week Digestive Reboot Today!

COST: $1,597.00

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